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Alien Wreckage

A group of swarming Crow ships that are defending some sort of large derelict vessel.


Known to the Morrigi as the tholos, these are funerary monuments dedicated to particular individuals of great standing among the Travellers. The tholos are similar to a habitat station in design, but were originally built for a single inhabitant while its automated defenses were meant to stand guard against tomb robbers.

A tholos is not open to the general public and these monuments were never designed and built with the notion that non–Morrigi would approach them. When Morrigi do approach them, the tholos behaves rather differently. Also, you might note that these tombs have already obviously been attacked and partially destroyed when you first approach them — the automated defenses are probably the last–ditch tomb trap which remains long after the warriors who died defending this place were crushed.


Description: A group of swarming Crow ships that are defending some sort of large derelict vessel.
Encounter Type: System Confined Encounter.
Version 1.5.2
CE Icon
Notes: After two attempts the encounter is removed providing no bonuses.

If defeated it provides research and income bonuses.

Version: This information valid for
Version 1.6.4

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