Unlock Edit

Armor Piercing Heavy Drivers(APH) are unlocked with their little brothers by Armor Piercing Rounds.

Use Notes Edit

APH has one calling card, it's a ballistic weapons that sticks to Adamantite Alloys in 40% of angles. That's good enough to give it a place in the end game as an edge case weapon to penetrate Disruptors and Meson Shields. Relative to all other large weapons in damage, range, or accuracy, it's not bad, but specific weapons will outperform it in any given area. Unlike its Heavy Driver cousin's noticable kinetic push, the APH has no non-damage function in combat.

Upgrades Edit

APHs recieve a 20% rate of fire increase from VRF Technology, 50% more mass and 50% more damage from Neutronium Rounds, and the 20% velocity and 10% damage increase from Accelerator Amplification.

Counters Edit

APHs will ricochet off of ships with one of the four armors, but ricochets will still impart kinetic force. All APH damage will be completely negated by Grav Shields, and Shield Projectors, but shouldn't be affected by Deflectors.

Statistics Edit

Construction Edit

Cost/mount Mount Size HP/bank
2,500 Large 350

Planetary Bombardment Edit

Base Population Damage Infrastructure Damage Terraforming Damage Range
200,000 33,333.3/sec 0.5 0.083/sec 0.1 0.016/sec 1,550
With VRF 41,666.6/sec 0.10416/sec 0.02083/sec

Ship to Ship Edit

Range Band Range Inaccuracy Damage Refire DPS
Point Blank 600 1 250 6 41.6
Effective 900 1
Maximum 1,350 1
With All Upgrades 400 4.8 83.3

Armor Interactions Edit

Armor Type Armor Ricochet Chance APH Ricochet Resistance % of striking angles which can do damage
Polysilicate Alloys 80% -190% 100%
Magnoceramic Lattices 110% 80%
Quark Resonators 130% 60%
Adamantite Alloys 150% 40%

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