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Bursters are unlocked by the technology of the same name, Bursters.

Use Notes Edit

While the technology description implies that this is to be used as a flak cannon, to fill a target area with enough shrapnel that small ships cannot survive being there, Bursters don't actually do enough damage to perform that job. Instead, they serve primarily as kinetic disruption weapons. This weapon can be used as an early Thumper to push the enemy around. By clicking on the weapon icon and clicking on a point in space, a canister can be fired which will detonate at the indicated spot. 12 shrapnel pieces will fly out from that spot in a sphere, pushing the enemy away from that point. This can be used to disrupt the enemy formation, pushing them away from each other, towards each other, or to delay the arrival of a specific enemy. By scoring a direct hit on a target with the Burster canister by targeting a position directly behind the intended victim's position at the time of the projectile's arrival, several shrapnel pieces can be fired into the same target and push that ship in particular out of position.

Upgrades Edit

Bursters recieve the 10% damage and 20% round velocity boost from Accelerator Amplification, as will as the 50% damage and 50% mass increase from Neutronium Rounds. These stack to a total damage boost of 60%. Further, they recieve a 20% rate of fire increase from VRF Technology.

Counters Edit

Bursters will ricochet off of ships with one of the four armors, but ricochets will still impart kinetic force. All Burster damage will be completely negated by Grav Shields, and Shield ProjectorsDeflectors give a 50% deflection armor in front of the ship, which will cause Burster shrapnel rounds to bounce off in 50% of angles. The interaction between the canister projectile and Deflectors is unknown.

Statistics Edit

Construction Edit

Cost Mount Size HP Bonus per bank
3,000 Large 350

Planetary Bombardment Edit

It is unclear if the listed numbers apply to the canister or each of the 12 pieces of shrapnel. The numbers below assume that they apply to the shrapnel. Also note that best case scenario, half of the shrapnel will fly out into space, while this chart assumes that all pieces hit.

Population Damage Infrastructure damage Terraforming Damage Range
per shot per canister per second per shot per canister per second
250,000 3,000,000 600,000 0.5 6 1.2 0 1,500

Ship to Ship Edit

Range and inaccuracy numbers refer to the turret and canister, damage numbers refer to the shrapnel. Remember that this chart assumes that all shrapnel will hit. Best case scenario, the shrapnel's damage will be distributed across multiple targets.

Base Range Band Range Inaccuracy Damage Shrapnel Count Damage/Canister Refire DPS
Point Blank 350 6 degrees 25 12 300 5 60
Effective 800 7.5 degrees
Maximum 1,300 10 degrees
With All Upgrades 40 480 4 120

Armor Interactions Edit

These refer to the shrapnel's interaction. Remember that even ricochets impart kinetic force, making this weapon an option to push around any ship, no matter its armor level

Armor Type Armor Ricochet Chance Burster Ricochet Resistance % of angles which can do damage
unarmored 0% -100% 100
Polysilicate Alloys 80% 20
Magnoceramic Lattices 110% 0
Quark Resonators 130% 0
Adamantite Alloys 150% 0

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