Sword of the Stars 2:Lords of Winter brings more depth to the civilian aspect of the game with both differing political viewpoints and multi-race Factions, rather than the single race Empires of the original game.

Part of the expansion of the political game includes the introduction of non-FTL species, with whom a Faction can barter, protect or wipe out.

SotS2 logo Hiver-Imperium SotS2 logo SolForce SotS2 logo Liir-Zuul-Alliance SotS2 logo Morrigi-Consortium SotS2 logo Tarkan-Imperium SotS2 logo Suulka-Horde
Hiver Imperium SolForce Liir Zuul Alliance Morrigi Confederation Tarkasian Empire Suul'ka Horde


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