Ships Edit

Generally, the ship prefix for the Hiver military is HMS.

Hiver ships are regarded as flying bricks with far more weapons and armour than is good for anyone they are facing in combat.

While not as heavily armed as the Zuul, they are significantly better armoured, making them in some ways far more dangerous.

For information on Hiver military ranks, see Hiver Ranks.

Warfare Edit

Wars are common among Hiver. The Hiver military impulse is generally driven by population pressure or the urge for supremacy. Because each Hiver Princess can produce countless offspring per year, the population of Hiver in any one place can spike very quickly leading to intense competition for space and resources. A hive under pressure has one of two options: either they can cull their own population or eliminate the competition.

Although there are more than 30 words for "suicide" in the Hiver Language, many families choose to go down the warpath rather than institute any other population control measure. Wars of this kind are grim and brutal battles–to–the–death in which the full time and resources of all Hive members are devoted to destroying the enemy Hive and its Princess.

Occasionally an ambitious Hiver Princess will take it into her head to become the High Queen of her species. The global wars of dominion in Hiver history are many and some have assumed legendary status over time. The destruction and loss of life associated with a battle for the throne has often left the planet almost completely depopulated with only a few exhausted clans left alive in the rubble.

Piracy Edit

Hiver pirates could exist, although socially they would be much more likely to be of the privateer variety — servants of the Hiver Queen who chivvy and harass the shipping lanes of her enemies. Truly independent pirates, who prey on all who cross their paths, would be extremely unusual — such a force would have to be made up of Hiver who had lost their clan, or been exiled or banished.

A Hiver pirate of the Warrior or Worker caste would have to be, by the standards of his own species, criminal and psychotic — unless his mother was the leader of the fleet, in which case he would simply be the loyal son of a pirate Queen. From his own point of view this would make sense, regardless of how despised or feared he was by the rest of his race.

Without a pirate Princess or Queen, the ship or fleet would likely be led by a rogue Prince who could manipulate a group of wicked, sociopathic Hiver to follow him, with the promise of mayhem and profit. They might be his own sons, or they might simply be a rag–tag group of outcasts. Either way, they'd be extremely dangerous bugs.

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