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SolForce is the name of the united Human military, formed after the devastating first contact with the Hiver.

The official motto of the Space Corps is "Per Ardua Ad Astra" — "Through Hardship, the Stars". The unofficial motto of Humans in space is "Repensum est Canicula" — "Payback is a Bitch".

The level of gender bias in the military seen in the 21st century is impossible in SolForce, given the circumstances. Misogyny is a relic of a day and age when humanity was ignorant, backward and foolish — not to mention being soft and spoiled enough that it made sense to disenfranchise one half of the species as a sop to the ego insecurities of the other half.

Early History of Sol Force Edit

The institution has humble origins. It began its life as a minor appendage of the United Consortia governments on the Human home world, Terra. Originally, the mandate of Sol Force was simply to keep watch on the Sol system. Sol Force consisted of a linked series of launchpads, telescopes and monitoring stations on Terra and in near orbit. These sites were maintained to prevent Terra from being threatened by asteroid strikes and similar disasters, to collect information about the cosmos and solar system, and to service orbiting satellites which were useful for scientific research, communications and commerce.

For over a century, Sol Force remained a minor service agency with limited staff and funding. In 2381, however, astronomer and astrophysicist Solomon Blasky was appointed the Director of Sol Force.

Ships Edit

Generally, the ship prefix for the Human military is SFS (SolForce Ship).

The breakdown of officers and enlisted crew depends very much on the ship and the mission.

In general, most Human vessels who lose engines in nodespace prefer to remain in nodespace until they can be rescued by another Human vessel. Only if the cumulative effects of nodespace on the crew become too dangerous will they drop out into real space time when they are adrift.

Rank Edit

SolForce employs a mingling of Chinese and British naval traditions in their ranking system, demonstrating how traditional geographical and personal divisions between many racial and cultural groups have been left in the past.

In general, though, SolForce is not liberal with the gift of rank. Times are hard and any kind of respect or authority has to be earned — this is true of command staff and specialists alike.

Many rungs of the old ranking system are obsolete in SolForce by the time of Tarka First Contact, including the old position for "Commander" and the ranks of "Captain–Lieutenant" and "Lieutenant Commander".

Enlisted ranks:

  • Spaceman (often call themselves "vacman", which is shortened to "vaccies" by some officers)
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Petty Officer (PO)
  • Chief Petty Officer (CPO)

Officer ranks:

  • Warrant
  • Ensign
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Commander (also known as "JC", "junior commander")
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Commodore (for "desk jockey" types) or Task Force Commander (line officer — aka "TFC")
  • Admiral
  • Legator
  • Director

For example, in the second cinematic trailer, the Deep Scan Destroyer Copernicus was commanded by Lieutenant William Conrad Vance while Task Force Omega was led by Commander Blackwood. Blackwood's official rank in full would be "Task Force Commander". This is what you call a SolForce Commodore (abbreviated Cdre.) when he or she is actually on the line and expected to command multiple ships in battle. The actual term "Commodore" is used for brass of similar rank who are not line officers, but serve in domestic, logistical or intelligence roles.

SolForce Marines Edit

In SolForce terms, there is absolutely no difference between the terms "Marine" and "Soldier". The SolForce Marines are the only ground–walking forces known to the Human race. If they aren't soldiers, no one is.

As for battledress... What you see in the battle screens in–game is standard battledress.

There is a version with a sturdy backpack for extended hostile environment use. But even the standard has rebreathers enough to keep a Marine functioning for short periods of decompression or corrupted atmosphere.

Ships troops mantra: "Guns, UP! Faceplate, DOWN!"

As boarding actions become more common and close combat between Humans and relatively more physically able and powerful aliens becomes a problem, ship troops are being equipped with a handful of heavy powered armor known in the service as a "Brawl Suits". The bark of "Four Brawlers to Pod 2!" Or "Incoming pod, All Brawlers to port storage deck!" is becoming standard terminology.

Brawler Suits Edit

The Brawler suit is a fully armored, moderately powered vacuum sealed combat suit. It ups the physical power of the wearer by 3X, a limit that is more about the physical limits of the Human joints within the suit and less about sheer engineering limits. While the practice is strictly forbidden, some more "physically confident" members of the corp have their brawler suits "hacked" to override the safety options and achieve 4–5X amplification. Of course to avoid discovery, often socket and joint injuries or deterioration have to be painfully covered up by the soldier or in some case the entire squad when it is a group effort.

Other than the sheer physical power and the resistance to light arms fire, the brawler suit has certain automatic AI functions that enhance the abilities of the wearer like built in low pulse radar, aiming assistance via auto–compensation of recoil and tracking assist via small adjustments to arm and torso position. Auto–adjustment of the suits musculature allows the suits wearer to absorb heavier kinetic impacts than simple armor would do. As an example, picture how much more of a drop off you could safely jump down if you could depend on your muscles PERFECTLY syncing to absorb and distribute the impact throughout your frame.

The "THUMPER" variant of the brawler armor is one dedicated to the support and firing of relatively heavy weapons. A Thumper can carry a variety of heavy recoil weapons but is most often seen with the "Zipper", a 75mm VRF gauss cannon slaved to a mid torso brace and requiring the thumper to support of 300 kilo ammo/battery backpack frame. These rigs are NOT usually found with ships's troops.

Marines fighting on the Zuul front were the first to self modify the "GLADIATOR" variant which was a standard B–suit with a variety of blades and serrated edges welded on to it. After seeing the success of these close combat modded suits, SolForce quickly developed an produced the official variant which uses a variety of mechanized blades and heat focusing penetrator spikes.

There are rumors of more powerful brawler variants in development but these are unsubstantiated at the moment

There is a line of heavy assault rifles designed for the brawler suit alone that are a much heavier calibre and jack into the suit itself for recoil compensation... It would be VERY hard to fire one of these weapons without a powered suit. Its hard to beat a slug thrower for sheer efficiency. Chemical driven are still the SolForce Standard at the time of BoB but true single man Gauss assault weapons are beginning to appear.

Oh, and a note about "still using projectile–based weaponry". I would just like to point out that in many conditions, throwing small bits of dense metal very fast and very often is superior to more "advanced" and overly complex forms of transferring deadly energy. Especially aboard ships.

Hand held lasers are AWESOME!!!....provided you have 4 bearers to haul the power plant around for you and keep the extension cords from getting tangled in your feet.

The advantages of the brawler suit are mainly in terms of physicality, protection and Data management. Firepower is still mainly hand–held...though of course a good Brawler can one hand most light crew served weapons

So a colonist vs a brawler both using pistols, is kinda fubar'd...colonist vs brawler and both have an MP AT launcher? Whoever hits first wins.

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