Family Structure Edit

Humans tend to form family groupings based on a single breeding pair, one male, one female and their offspring from current and past pairings. A Human female can produce several offspring during the course of her breeding career, although gestation and birthing of Human infants can often be fatal without proper medical support.

Interpersonal Relationships Edit

Even after the losses sustained by the Hiver attack, and more so their own near self–annihilation, Humans are not finding it difficult to reproduce in this period of their history although it is more difficult to achieve "natural" childbirth. Fetal incubation is possible from the zygote stage onward — when rapid rises in population are necessary, a single pair of Humans working as a professional child–rearing team can raise 10 such children at a time, all 10 representing a different combination of frozen sperm and eggs. Naturally, this work is highly paid and requires a great deal of professional skill and emotional depth — but it can be done.

Government Edit

The Consortia represented a world government of sorts before the Hiver First Strike. However, they were neither a single body nor a council of potentially warring powers. Each consortium would join with others or the whole to pursue some common goals — in other matters they would be largely independent.

After the Hiver First Strike, SolForce was given sweeping authority by the Consortia.

SolForce demands tremendous resources and jurisdiction over the whole of Human–controlled space.

With the rapid rise of SolForce as a political, social and military organization, the power of the old consortium governments is waning. The Consortia still exist on Earth, and the civilian government still has a great deal of authority and influence, especially in cultural matters. But it has become a body much more like the Senate under the Roman Emperors than the Senate prior to the death of Caesar in 31 BCE. The significance of politics on the Human home world is rapidly waning.

Humans have developed a much more expansive world view, in that it now encompasses many worlds and the presence of other races. Although SolForce still flies and operates under the theoretical control of the Consortia, SolForce Command controls enormously more territory and resources than any single planet could offer. And while Terra is by far the richest and most populous planet at the beginning of any Human expansion in–game, it should be obvious by the end of any Human game that a fully terra–formed world with a thriving, active Human population, shipyards and a better positioning on nodelines and other trade routes might eventually supersede Old Earth as the center of Imperial trade, governance and authority. Much as many later "Roman" emperors chose cities other than Rome to be their capitols, or even built new ones which became new centers of control for empires which split away from Rome — like Constantinople.

Speaking in game terms, how many relevant Human factions exist in the universe depends on how many players on the map choose to play as Humans, and what relationship they choose to have with one another. For example: Two Human players on the map could represent SolForce Prime and a league of rebellious colonies. Any race in the game is capable of splitting into factions — one must simply assume a cultural, political or military schism of some kind.

SolForce has neither the infrastructure nor the inclination to meddle excessively in the business of civilian government. If certain planets don't want to be associated with SolForce, SolForce can simply direct its resources to protecting and aiding those who do. There are plenty of colonies who would like to stay on the payroll and receive the benefits of the technology and military aid that SolForce provides.

In general, one can assume that intra–Human xenophobia is going to be greatly reduced by having genuine xenomorphs to hate and fear.

SolForce Director Edit

In canon terms, by the time of the current historical era, SolForce has had three Directors.

The Director rules not Earth, but a multi–planetary empire. While the Human drive toward space began on Earth — because our species was born there — the Director is not necessarily born on Earth and may have no special interest in Terra's affairs. SolForce "succession" is nominally handled by an electorate of the highest ranking officers, but in reality the Director is best viewed as the victor in a (relatively) bloodless coup.

The early Directors of SolForce tended to be a combination of idealist and pure exquisite bastardy.

A few words on the current Director:

The most recent Director is the former Legator of SolForce Ground Forces, Edward Altin MacKenzie. Like the current Supreme Commander, he fought his way up through the ranks — in MacKenzie's case he fought his way through the ranks of the most despised, overworked, underpaid and under–appreciated branch of SolForce.

His coup against the previous Director was anything but bloodless, but through a combination of superior diplomacy abroad and ruthless politics at home he has become, against all odds, the uncontested ruler of the Human empire. His command dome is located on Mons Olympus.

MacKenzie is a military genius and savvy administrator who means to claw out a corner of the universe for his species come hell or high water. In MacKenzie's case, firepower is supplemented by the ability to communicate sanely with his galactic neighbors and a genuine desire to stop the fighting, at least briefly — if only to consolidate his holdings after a successful land rush.

To compare MacKenzie to Augustus may be a bit misleading — this emperor does not revere "Rome", nor choose to live there. Constantine might be a more apt comparison — building a new capital in a richer, more defensible location.

Migration Edit

Humans who wish to depart existing worlds for new colonies apply to the "Colonist pool". SolForce does not transport individuals to a charter colony who are not desired or cannot prove their ability to contribute. Being roughly healthy, having no known mental or physical illnesses which make you unspaceworthy, and having skills or training which make you a desirable colonist are paramount.

If the lunatics want to leave the Earth, they have to find their own solution.

Mindset Edit

Both the Humans and the Liir have suffered from rude awakenings. However, Humans are better able to cope with the situation emotionally and politically. All Humans are familiar with the term "underdog", in some language. All Humans understand that there is a special honor in winning a contest when you were never the favorite.

SolForce fully intends to beat the odds. And they stand a fighting chance — in the time that it took that one Hiver nesting fleet to reach the Earth, Humans had gone from Kittyhawk to the testing of the first Node Drive.

In their private moments, the leaders of SolForce Command would probably admit that they find it difficult to distinguish between expansion and warfare in space against the other races done as a means to fight and survive primarily — or as a bid for outright conquest. Initially, SolForce Command is primarily motivated by ensuring the continued survival of their species. Their plan is to expand and conquer as much territory as possible, race for the best (and worst) technology they can put in the Black, and protect the Human race at all costs from extinction.

SolForce runs a very lively ministry of propaganda. But in general, SolForce is not viewed negatively by the citizens of Earth. Just the opposite — military/colonial service is considered an extremely desirable and honorable vocation, and a majority of human youngsters at least consider becoming spacers, although many who apply do not make the cut.

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