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The Liir have not been a star–faring species for long. Until recently, the Liir were a peaceful race with limited technology. Various agrarian and nomadic cultures operated within the rich waters of their home world and war was virtually unknown to them. Although they had not developed far in the sciences of architecture or ballistics, some Liir societies were extremely advanced in bio–engineering, aquatic horticulture, volcanic engineering and metallurgy.

The Liir were conquered and enslaved by another star–faring race, whom they learned to call the Suul'ka. The Suul'ka established several lucrative industries on Muur, the Liirian homeworld, and force–marched the Liirians through the Industrial Revolution by employing them as slaves in mines, factories and manufacturing facilities.

After several decades of abuse, realizing that the greed and rapacity of the Suul'ka would destroy the aquatic environment of their home world completely, the Liir rebelled against their alien masters. The war was remarkably bloody in its early stages but finally ended when the Liir unleashed a bio–weapon tailored to Suul'ka physiology on Muur. It is impossible at this point to say what agent the Liir may have used or what vectors it followed. We only know that the resulting disease was so virulent and lethal that it appears to have quickly spread beyond the colony and completely eradicated the Suul'ka, at least from that sector of space.

The current state of Liirian technology is a result of their successful rebellion. The former slaves of the Suul'ka quickly absorbed the abandoned technology of their masters and have adapted the old drives, guns and orbital elevators to their own use. Driven by natural curiosity and the desire to preempt any further assaults from the stars, the Liir have now begun exploring space.


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