The first release of Sword of the Stars 2.


Sword of the Stars II:Lords of Winter is the full, stand–alone follow–up to the hit 4X franchise, Sword of the Stars. SotS2 will feature the six races from SotS1 and its expansions, as well as revealing the dark, running secret of the original series, the Suul'ka — an ancient race that is responsible for tampering with the Liir, Zuul and other races in the SotS universe!


  • Evolves beyond Sword of the Stars I into 6 playable factions, using the races familiar to gamers from the first series of the game, and introducing the Suul'ka as a new player for Galactic dominance!
  • Detailed star–systems with planetary orbits, moons, asteroid belts and other space terrain!
  • All new MARS 2 graphics engine!
  • Leviathan class of giant ships, new Battlerider–class ships that carry Destroyer sized ships, new levels of ship details including ship sub–systems, allowing for new fleet strategy and tactics!
  • Exciting continuation of the technology tree, with the game starting in the Fusion era and moving beyond the Anti–matter era.


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