Unlock Edit

Gauss Cannons are unlocked by the technology, Gauss Driver. This technology is the basis of all Ballistics weaponry.

Use Notes Edit

These Small weapons utilize a row of electromagnets to accelerate a chunk of ferrous material at high speeds at a target, dealing significant damage through transfer of kinetic force on impact. This can noticably divert the course of small ships. If all the shots hit, Guass Cannons will do the best damage of any of the early weapons. However, their range is abysmal and their accuracy even worse. You're better off fielding anything else.

Upgrades Edit

Gauss Cannons recieve a 20% rate of fire increase from VRF Technology, 50% more mass and 50% more damage from Neutronium Rounds, and the 20% velocity and 10% damage increase from Accelerator Amplification.

Counters Edit

Gauss Cannons will ricochet off of ships with one of the four armors, but ricochets will still impart kinetic force. All Gauss Cannon damage will be completely negated by Grav Shields, and Shield Projectors. Deflectors should ricochet the shots in 70% of possible angles.

Statistics Edit

Construction Edit

cost mount size HP bonus (per bank)
50 small 0

Planetary Bombardment Edit

Population damage Infrastructure damage Terraforming Damage Range
Base 3,500 700/sec 0.005 0.001/sec 0 1,075
Upgraded 875/sec 0.00125/sec

Ship to Ship Edit

Range Band Range Inaccuracy Damage Refire DPS Ricochet


Base Point Blank 125 4 degrees 45 5 sec 9 -80%
Effective 320 5 degrees
Maximum 455 6 degrees
With All Upgrades 72 4 sec 18

Armor Interactions

Armor Type Armor Ricochet Chance Gauss Ricochet Resistance % of striking angles which do damage
Unarmored +0% -80% 80%
Polysilicate Alloys +80% -80% 0%
Magnoceramic Lattices +110% -80% 0%
Quark Resonators +130% -80% 0%
Adamantite Alloys +150% -80% 0%

Yes, this means that any form of armor whatsoever completely negates damage from Guass Cannons, and this weapon can even ricochet off unarmored targets. We told you at the top that you're better off fielding anything else.

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