Unlock Edit

Heavy Stormers are unlocked by the technology of the same name, Heavy Stormers

Use Notes Edit

That same guy who figured out that a Mass Driver cannon could have a magazine of 10 Gauss Cannon rounds fired full auto from it has outdone themself, they've made a similar realization of Heavy Drivers. This large weapon can fire ten modified Mass Driver rounds at full auto. However, they're going to have a hard time shopping this particular innovation around, as the Heavy Stormer is an inferior version of the Heavy Driver in nearly every respect.

Upgrades Edit

Heavy Stormers recieve the 10% damage and 20% round velocity boost from Accelerator Amplification, as will as the 50% damage and 50% mass increase from Neutronium Rounds. These stack to a total damage boost of 60%. VRF Technology is a requisite of Stormers, which is a requisite in turn of Heavy Stormers. Heavy Stormers do benefit from VRF's 20% refire bonus. Because you cannot have Stormers without VRF, the VRF rate of fire increase is factored into base damage below.

Counters Edit

Heavy Stormers will ricochet off of ships with one of the four armors, but ricochets will still impart kinetic force. All Heavy Stormer damage will be completely negated by Grav Shields, and Shield ProjectorsDeflectors give a 50% deflection armor in front of the ship, which will cause Heavy Stormer rounds to bounce off in 60% of angles.

Statistics Edit

Construction Edit

Cost Mount Size HP/bank
70 Large 0

Planetary Bombardment Edit

Population Damage Infrastructure Damage Terraforming Damage Range
30,000 300,000/volley 31,250/sec 0.005 0.05/volley 0.0052/sec 0 1200

Ship to Ship Edit

Base Range Band Range Inaccuracy Damage Volley Damage/Volley Refire DPS
Point Blank 260 4 degrees 130 10 1,300 9.6 134.416
Effective 475 5 degrees
Maximum 800 6 degrees
With All Upgrades 208 2,080 216.666

Armor Interactions Edit

Armor Type Armor Ricochet Chance Heavy Stormer Ricochet Resistance % of angles which can do damage
Unarmored +0% -90% 90
Polysilicate Alloys +80% 10
Magnoceramic Lattices +110% 0
Quark Resonators +130% 0
Adamantite Alloys +150% 0

These armor interactions are the real reason why Heavy Drivers beat out Heavy Stormers. Unless your opponent is completely incompetent or completely outmatched, they'll have Polysilicate Alloys before you have Heavy Stormers. Either way, you have better things to research than Heavy Stormers.