Workers are the most common type of Hiver, making up around 70% of the species. The average height of a Hiver worker is 150 centimetres and they generally mass around 70 kg. Workers do not have sexual organs or any psychological quirks related to breeding but they are intelligent, sensitive, curious and as prone to be interested in art, science and culture as the average member of any other sentient species. Workers create the vast majority of Hiver art and literature and they also make up the vast majority of Hiver engaged in scientific, technical and academic fields. (See: Research and Hiver Technology)

Workers can pursue almost any occupation in their society. They fill the ranks in all walks of life, from merchants and street–sweepers to architects, farmers and miners. However, regardless of what profession they pursue, the efforts of any given Worker are always directed to one purpose: to strengthen, protect, unify or glorify its family and serve the interests of its Mother.