"Any organism capable of religious faith is capable of superstition. The only difference between a religious belief and a superstition is the number of people who believe it." — Arinn Dembo

The vast majority of Humans are no more religious in the future than they are now. All of the traditional belief systems of the past have continued in one form or another with minor doctrinal variations. In the post–Contact age, new cults and sects have also sprung up. There are a few virulently anti–alien cults, as one would expect, but there are also a few Humans who are fascinated by members of the other races and have begun mimicking their spiritual practices.

Overall the strongest of the new faiths are the Mithraistic beliefs of some SolForce pilots, who use the phrase "Sol Invictus" in a whole new way, and a growing number of Humans who have traveled to visit Liirian worlds and returned to try to bring the Song back to the rest of their species.

Members of SolForce are legally permitted to practice any religious faith, although in practice some are more acceptable than others. In the story "Incident at Ko'Grappa", written by Arinn Dembo, it is shown that certain members of SolForce maintain secret connections with the Catholic Church, funneling sensitive information to the church. The story also shows the presence of non–SolForce civilians in space and that Human religions have both an appeal and a small foothold within some alien societies.

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