According to rumor, the original of this poem was written in Ri'kap–ken in the blood of a fallen brother. The scroll was delivered to the army of an enemy clan camped outside the fortress walls of a besieged Princess and her retinue, accompanied by a challenge to single combat addressed to the enemy Prince.

It is rare for a Hiver Warrior to duel with a Hiver Prince. On such an occasion, it is even more rare for the Warrior to win.

Nonetheless he did, and eventually became the Prince regent of the Queen who brought an end to that Interregnum. It for this reason that many Hiver Warriors are still given the name "Rizokis".

It was translated into Tcho'to–ken by Che Mekzi, one of the most celebrated Hiver artists of his generation.

The translated words of this poem are written against a white field. The glyphs are dark red, and the strokes trail upward toward the final lines in the upper left corner of the painting, where one finds a realistic illustration of a fallen Hiver Warrior, lying in a pool of the same dark red.

It does not translate as well in English, needless to say, but this is the gist of the words:

I found him
in the snow
near the gate
for he had tried
to reach us
and give warning.
he protected us
my hatchmate
whom I loved.

When at last
I face him
who slew my brother

I hope...

I find him in the snow.

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