Puppet Master

The Puppet Master is a heavily armored, moderately armed, dreadnought class ship.


we live

it is the beast


the Puppet Master isn't even fully in our universe

Description: One of the "Grand Menaces" in the game, the Puppet Master is a heavily armored, moderately armed, dreadnought class ship. Its biggest threat is from the unique ship capture beam that the Puppet Master uses to increase the size of its fleet. Any ship that is hit by this beam will be given permanently to the Puppet Master, who can use it immediately against the player. Most weapons are effective against the Puppet Master, but long range weapons (like missiles or torpedoes) are preferred, as the capture beam out ranges most other weapons.
Encounter Type: Grand Menace Encounter.
Version 1.0.12
Notes: When a Puppet Master is generated, it draws a straight line from where it spawns to a random point on the other side of the galaxy. It then visits every star within 6 light–years of that line.
Tactics: A humorous, yet extremely effective tactic, is to wait until the Puppet Master is set to raid a planet, and have set up there a number of ships (preferably small ones, but anything will do) loaded with Disabler torpedoes or their higher tech variations. The Puppet Master, approaching at full speed, will be unable to stop and will hopefully ram into the planet, dying instantly.

A safer tactic is to simply abandon colonies one turn prior to the Puppet Master's arrival. This will prevent the Puppet Master from turning the colony into an AI rebellion world. Have a colony ship close at hand to re-colonize once the Puppet Master has moved on.

Version: This information valid for
Version 1.6.4
Encounter Updates
Version Update Information

Version 1.6.2
If a PM arrives at an inhabited world and is not defeated, it will turn that colony into an AI rebellion world.

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