Unlock Edit

Railguns and the Impactor ships that carry them are unlocked by Accelerator Amplification.

Use Notes Edit

More information on these weapons can be found on the Impactor page.

Upgrades Edit

Railguns recieve 50% more mass and damage from Neutronium Rounds and 20% faster refire from VRF Technology. The 10% damage bonus from Accelerator Amplification is factored into base damage below because you cannot have Railguns without it.

Counters Edit

Railguns will ricochet off of ships with one of the four armors, but ricochets will still impart kinetic force. All Railgun damage will be completely negated by Grav Shields, and Shield Projectors. Deflectors should not affect Impactors.

Statistics Edit

Construction Edit

Cost/mount Mount Size HP/bank
12,000 Special 0

Planetary Bombardment Edit

Base Population Damage Infrastructure Damage Terraforming Damage Range
300,000 1,875/sec 0.5 0.03125/sec 0.5 0.03125/sec 4,000
With VRF 32,437.5/sec 0.0390625/sec 0.0390625/sec

Ship to Ship Edit

Base Range Band Range Inaccuracy Damage Refire DPS
Point Blank 500 9 Degrees 1650 16 103.125
Effective 1,500 3 Degrees
Maximum 3,500 1 Degree
With All Upgrades 2,400 12.8 187.5

Armor Interactions Edit

Armor Type Armor Richochet Chance Railgun Ricochet Resistance % of striking angles which can do damage
Polysilicate Alloys 80% -200% 100%
Magnoceramic Lattices 110% 90%
Quark Resonators 130% 70%
Adamantite Alloys 150% 50%

Railgun Count Specific Statistics Edit

Hiver, Human, and Tarka CR Impactors have 2 Railguns. Liir, Morrigi and Zuul CR Impactors have 3 Railguns. Hiver, Human, Tarka and Zuul DN Impactors have 6 Railguns. Morrigi DN Impactors have 7 Railguns. Liir DN Impactors have 10 Railguns.

Cruisers Dreadnoughts
Stat 2 3 6 7 10
Damage Base Up Base Up Base Up Base Up Base Up
3,300 4,800 4,950 7,200 9,900 14,400 11,550 16,800 16,500 24,000
D/C 550 800 825 1,200 550 800 641.6 933.3 916.6 1,333.3
DPS 206.25 375 309.375 562.5 618.75 1,125 721.875 1,312.5 1,031.25 1,875
DPS/C 34.375 62.5 51.5625 93.75 34.375 62.5 40.1041 72.916 57.2916 104.16

The "C" in D/C and DPC/C is Command Points. It costs 6 C to field a Cruiser and 18 to field a Dreadnought.

Humans, Tarka and Hivers will see no difference in damage between 3 CR and 1 DN Impactors. Morrigi and Zuul will get more Railgun damage from 3 CR than 1 DN, but a Zuul Impactor DN is a competent close range fighter. The Liir will see more damage from 1 DN Impactor compared to 3 CR Impactors.

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