Unlock Edit

Sniper cannons are unlocked by the technology of the same name, Sniper Cannons. This is a dead end technology, but is also one of the first alternate mounts which can be unlocked in the Ballistics Weapons tree.

Use Notes Edit

By adding a longer barrel and rifling, a ballistic projectile can be accelerated to much faster speeds with much greater precision. However, the additional electromagnets require longer to recharge, slowing down refire rates. The more massive barrel also slows down the gun's tracking speed, which makes it more difficult for this gun to reliably hit closer targets. This weapon combines well with kinetic displacement tools like the Mass Shotgun or Tractor Beam to keep the target at the ideal range.

Upgrades Edit

Sniper Cannons recieve a 20% rate of fire increase from VRF Technology, 50% more mass and 50% more damage from Neutronium Rounds, and the 20% velocity and 10% damage increase from Accelerator Amplification.

Counters Edit

Sniper Cannons will ricochet off of ships with one of the four armors, but ricochets will still impart kinetic force. All Sniper Cannon damage will be completely negated by Grav Shields, and Shield Projectors, but shouldn't be affected by Deflectors.

Statistics Edit

Construction Information Edit

Cost Mount size HP bonus (per bank
70 small 0

Planetary Bombardment Edit

Base Population Damage Infrastructure Damage Terraforming Damage Range
1,000 125/sec 0.003 0.000375/sec 0 2345
Upgraded 156.25/sec 0.00046875/sec

Ship to Ship Edit

Range Band Range Inaccuracy Damage Refire DPS Ricochet


Point Blank 405 6 degrees 35 8 4.375 -150%
Effective 820 0.75 degrees
Maximum 1455 0.5 degrees
With All Upgrades 56 6.4 8.75

Armor Interactions Edit

Armor Type Armor Ricochet


Sniper Ricochet


% of Angles which can do


Polysilicate Alloys 80% -150% 100%
Magnoceramic Lattices 110% 40%
Quark Resonators 130% 20%
Adamantite Alloys 150% 0%

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