"A very rapid-fire driver delivery system that fires an intense stream of gauss cannon rounds onto a target. Slow tracking rate but very effective at hammering away against slower targets."
Stormers unlocks the medium turret weapon of the same name, Stormers(weapon). The weapon is essentially ten Gauss Cannons in the same barrel, with all of the range, accuracy, and ricochet drawbacks of the same. The node proceeds on to Heavy Stormers. Both versions of Stormers exist primarily to punish those who neglect armor technology too long, and can be passed over if it is known that the enemy is deploying any armor at all.

Stormers can cost as much as 37,500 or as little as 12,500 research points to unlock

Root Technology
And/Or Technology Research Cost Chance to Unlock Stormers
Hiver Human Liir Morrigi Tarka Zuul
And VRF Technology 7,000 90 80 50 40 85 90
Mass Drivers 10,000 90 80 50 40 85 90
Fission 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Chance to Unlock Stormers 99 96 75 64 97.75 99
Potential Tech Unlocks
Technology Research Cost Chance of Availibility
Hiver Human Liir Morrigi Tarka Zuul
Heavy Stormers 65,000 90 80 50 40 90 75

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