Unlock Edit

Stormers are unlocked by the technology of the same name, Stormers.

Use Notes Edit

These medium sized weapons are the result of someone realizing that a Mass Driver can be fitted with a magazine of 10 Gauss Cannon rounds and fired fully automatically. While this is great in terms of raw damage output, Stormers suffer from the same drawbacks as Gauss Cannons. Specifically, they have terrible range, accuracy, and they cannot deal with any form of armor. However, they can be used in much the same way that Mass Drivers can be used in Strafe Command Sections for extremely heavy weight of fire on individual unarmored targets, especially Silicoid carrier units.

Upgrades Edit

Stormers recieve the 10% damage and 20% round velocity boost from Accelerator Amplification, as will as the 50% damage and 50% mass increase from Neutronium Rounds. These stack to a total damage boost of 60%. VRF Technology is a requisite of Stormers, and Stormers do benefit from their 20% refire bonus. Because you cannot have Stormers without VRF, the VRF rate of fire increase is factored into base damage below.

Counters Edit

Stormers will ricochet off of ships with one of the four armors, but ricochets will still impart kinetic force. All Stormer damage will be completely negated by Grav Shields, and Shield ProjectorsDeflectors give a 50% deflection armor in front of the ship, which will cause Stormer rounds to bounce off in 20% of angles.

Statistics Edit

Construction Edit

Cost Mount Size HP Bonus/bank
70 Medium 0

Planetary Bombardment Edit

Population Damage Infrastructure Damage Terraforming Damage Range
500 5,000/volley 625/sec 0.0005 0.005/volley 0.000625 0 1100

Ship to Ship Edit

Base Range Band Inaccuracy Damage Volley Damage/Volley Refire DPS
Point Blank 145 4 degrees 40 10 400 8 sec 50
Effective 340 5 degrees
Maximum 475 6 degrees
With All Upgrades 64 640 80

Armor Interactions Edit

Armor Type Armor Ricochet Chance Stormer Ricochet Resistance % of striking angles which can do damage
Unarmored +0% -80% 80
Polysilicate Alloys +80% 0
Magnoceramic Lattices +110% 0
Quark Resonators +130% 0
Adamantite Alloys +150% 0

Bear in mind, the fully upgraded Mass Driver pulls down 68.9 DPS, has roughly double range, always sticks to unarmored targets and can even stick to Polysilicate Alloys on direct hits. Stormers are a very single purpose weapon that can kill Silicoids quickly, and that's about all it's good for.

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