Swarm Infestation

An automated way station in an asteroid that is home to several armed drones.


They were designed for mining, once upon a time. Apparently, the race that created them would build an automated way station in one asteroid — a depot which would build, fuel, and maintain the drones based on the ores that they delivered. The drones, armed with small cutting lasers, would go out into the field and tunnel into the rock, collect rich ore, returning it to the depot for refinement.


"fave tactic vs the space bees (The Swarm)....flying full speed at a big asteroid and shattering it at the last second so they plow into the debris and die...well some of them anyway." — Mecron

Description: An automated way station in an asteroid that is home to several armed drones.
Encounter Type: System Confined Encounter.
Spawns Mobile non–Random Encounter as of
Version 1.3.6
Version 1.0.12
Version: This information valid for
Version 1.6.4
Encounter Updates
Version Update Information

Version 1.3.6
The Swarm Nest now spawns a new Silicoid Queen every 5 turns which seeks out nearby asteroid fields to create her own nest. Also the defenders have been upgraded with a new Warrior Drone.

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