System Killer

The System Killer is a heavily armored, heavily armed, dreadnought class ship.


The System Killer is the Ultimate Weapon of a long forgotten war — and it did its job.


the SK is solid state...nothing to board

Description: One of the "Grand Menaces" in the game, the System Killer is a heavily armored, heavily armed, dreadnought class ship. Loaded with both missiles and beam weapons, the System Killer is one of the hardest menaces to counter.
Encounter Type: Grand Menace Encounter.
Version 1.0.12
Notes: When a System Killer is generated, it draws a straight line from where it spawns to a random point on the other side of the galaxy. It then visits every star within 6 light–years of that line.

The biggest threat is from its unique Beam weapon. If the System Killer is not destroyed before the end of combat, this weapon will fire, destroying the entire system and any ships still left within. This not only repairs all damage to the System Killer, but it also destroys all Node Lines connected to the system. Any Human or Zuul ships moving along these lines will also be destroyed.

Tactics: Most weapons are effective against the System Killer, but ships with a heavy PD defense are recommended. Also, because the System Killer heals only when it "eats" a system, fighting it in Deep Space (preferably multiple times) before it reaches a star system is also recommended.
Version: This information valid for
Version 1.6.4

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