In the Tarka language, the name "ma'muk" translates as "Night Hunter". They are a cat-like form, but armored very much like a Tarka, and marked with camouflage patterns for deep jungle. They can be very beautiful at times, but they are also deadly.

So far as temperament goes, ma'muku are bonded to their owners very early and tend to be trained to serve the master's needs within the first two years of life. After adulthood they cannot be trained to obey or serve another, so if the master of the ma'muk dies and the animal has not formed a bond with any other trainer, the animal is often destroyed. They are highly sensitive and intelligent creatures, very protective of their intimates, but also very efficient and aggressive hunters. It is unwise to make excessively quick movements around them, to visibly threaten them or the Dai Mam, to raise your voice, etc..

Other than that they are prone to be adorable and playful as any other pet. Just might want to put some mailed gloves on before you try to rub their bellies.

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