Solomon Blasky was born in 2353 in the Europa Consortium of Terra, the son of the famous industrialist and statesman Isidore Blasky and his first wife, mathematician Claudel Ryan. Nothing is known of his early childhood except that his parents divorced amicably in 2360.

The elder Blasky re-married to the Han author and poetess Liang Xuan in 2363, and Liang brought with her an infant son by a previous marriage. At the age of two, the boy was formally adopted by his new father under the name Blasky Yao-Hsiang. The two Blasky children, although not related by blood, were raised as brothers in every respect, and spent their childhood years shuttling freely between households maintained by the Isidore Blasky and Claudel Ryan, who had also re-married.

Both boys were steeped in mathematics and sciences in the home of Ryan and her third husband, physicist Raymond Rydberg, and both eventually chose to pursue a career in sciences as a result. From the Blasky household, the influence of the parents was split. Young Solomon seems to have inherited an aptitude for politics and political maneuvering. His younger brother shared his mother's religious and political convictions, and was a passionately devoted Utilitarian throughout his adult life.

The family was torn by political strife in the late 2370's and early 2380's, when a rebellious Yao-Hsiang chose to join his mother and millions of other Utilitarians in a series of hunger strikes to protest the policies of the Europan and African Consortia governments. Angered by his son's behavior, Isidore Blasky reputedly had his younger son banned by the Europan Academy of Sciences. The younger Blasky was forced to support himself by manual labor until 2383, when his elder brother finally persuaded him to join Sol Force.

Solomon Blasky, who had joined Sol Force in 2373 to serve as an astronaut and astronomer, had remained in his father's good graces over the years and was able to become Director in 2381. After hiring his brother Yao-Hsiang and a team of like-minded individuals, he launched the Sol Prima program of research.

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