• Von Neumann Mothership - SotS 1
  • Von Neumann Mothership - SotS 2


Von Neumann Mothership

An attack by Von Neumann machines consists of two parts: a destroyer class "Collector" and a dreadnought class "Mothership".


As yet unknown...


Description: An attack by Von Neumann machines consists of two parts: a destroyer class "Collector" and a dreadnought class "Mothership".

Both are well armed with point defense weapons. The Collector ships also have a unique beam weapon that both immobilizes and begins to consume its target. If a Collector ship reaches the planet, it will attack with its beam weapon which will permanently lower the planets resource level. Once the Collector ship is full, it returns to the Mothership, transferring the collected resources. The Mothership will create new Collector ships to replace those which are destroyed, but has limited resources to do so. Once enough resources have been transferred, the Mothership will replicate a new Mothership then both Motherships plus surviving Collector ships will depart.

Encounter Type: Mobile Random Encounter.
Spawns Mobile non–Random Encounters as of
Version 1.3.6
Version 1.0.12
Notes: Destroying a Von Neumann Mothership will give you a one time 25% research boost for 1 turn.

Colloquially referred to as Mom and the kids, with the Collector ships referred to as children.

Tactics: Destroying just the Collector ships will not invite reprisals.

Letting the VN harvest defending ships will allow the Mothership to replicate, and then depart the system, avoiding reprisals but also strengthening the VN Menace.

Version: This information valid for
Version 1.8.0
Encounter Updates
Version Update Information

Version 1.3.6
Destroying the resource gathering Mothership will initiate a visit from Von Neumann warships in retaliation.

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